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Biography: I've been writing ever since I was able to hold a pencil. Both of my parents are writers. My mother was also a high school English teacher, a newspaper editor, and a magazine editor. In addition to writing, I also create other art, in the forms of photography, photo manipulations, and occasionally illustrations. My publications include a poem, two photography books, one macabre photography/story book, and book one of a graphic novel series that I wrote (with an artist friend, Manthos Lappas, doing the illustrations). In addition, I have several short stories in an online publication called Subcutaneous (SubQ). I also have several artwork pieces in the first publication, including the cover. I am always working on new projects, including a short story book.

Inspiration: I tend to have random ideas pop into my brain that boil up and create story concepts but that is, by far, not the only way that ideas come to me. When I look at a painting and see the color, the style, and the movement of the piece, I wonder what it is expressing to me and sometimes the impressions that I get build an entire story. Now, here is the point where I must include the inspiration of photography, specifically my own, though others works have been known to inspire as well. I work with a variety of models in different, but generally melancholy or horror concepts. Sometimes those photo sessions become a story. One particular photography session actually become a photography story book itself. Films and books are also a big impression on me, giving me inspiration, though generally not story ideas directly. They lead into writing styles , time periods, colors, weather and feelings. Beyond that, the rhythm of the book, the intensity, and the word usage creates a circuit in my head that makes me rage to get words out onto a page. Finally, there is musical inspiration. I have a set list of songs that I play to give me a variety of feelings, but depending on what I'm writing, I will often modify the list to get a specific feeling, inspiring all kinds of ideas within the mood. All of these things culminate, and then the sun begins to rise, and I go to sleep. While sleeping, I see images of stories, characters, intense situations that can be humorous, sad, angry, mystifying or several other adjectives. Once I begin writing, the rhythm of the words become a living thing in my head. The images start to build and morph within my imagination, and that is what continues my inspiration and builds my story. When writing, my inspiration is most often the question, what will happen, because with the way I write, I often don't even know. (Updating this.)

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